Student Life at Geffen Academy

Step foot onto Geffen Academy’s campus, and you’ll observe signs of a vibrant school culture. The conversations that buzz in the hallways, the intense flow in which students are immersed in breakout groups and clubs, the impromptu or scheduled games and active movement in our common spaces — they all point to the reality that Geffen Academy students are engaged in activities that are designed to promote the actualization of their full selves, be it as athletes, thespians, activists, coders, gamers, volunteers, community leaders, and so much more. 

Geffen Academy’s status as a newly founded school affords its students a unique opportunity to be at the ground level with Educators to co-create the school experience of their dreams. Each student-facing activity or opportunity, from our Honor Code to our clubs, has either been advocated for by our students, or has had student leadership involvement in its creation and/or revision. The culture of centering student voices and honoring student experience in our work is a deep practice of our school’s overall mission as well as our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion vision. 

Throughout this section of the website, you will catch a glimpse of the variety of activities and philosophies that makes Geffen Academy come alive. Each Geffen Academy student has an activity or opportunity that speaks to them; there is something for everyone here.