Geffen Academy students possess deep passion for learning that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, which they demonstrate in the form of hobbies, activities, deep conversations, and immersive experiences. All clubs and activities at Geffen Academy are student-initiated and student-driven.

Our 2018-19 clubs include:

Middle School

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Upper School

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  • Activity in Motion

    A space to learn basic martial arts and exchange training on other movement-based activities. 
  • Animal Rights Club

    A club for animal activists who strongly feel that animals should be treated with kindness. In this club we will discuss ways to protect vulnerable animals.
  • Anime Club

    A club for people who love anime and manga, where we can watch, read, draw, and discuss anime and manga.
    Advisors: Ms. Mandosa & Mr. Markle
  • Bring Change 2 Mind

    This club will give students a platform to share their voices and raise awareness around mental health in order to end the stigma around mental illness.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Embark on a magical adventure where all choices are made by the dice! 
  • Fashion & Design Club

    Students will be able to create and design clothes. 
  • Intersectional Feminist Club

    A diverse, inclusive space where everyone can discuss issues that don’t come up in class. We will lead discussions, give presentations, take field trips, research the intersections of feminism, contact, local professors, women’s shelters and organizations, and so much more!
  • Magic Club

    Participants can increase their ability in card magic and mentalism. 
  • Model Congress

    Compete in local, state, and national Model Congress competitions (government/civics-based). 
  • Young Adults’ Philosophy

    Deep conversations over open-ended questions. Members can sign up to teach other members about a topic they are interested in, and have other philosophical conversations.

Affinity Groups

Schoolwide Clubs, Activities, Affinity Groups

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