The Geffen Academy Student Council (GASC) is the primary student-founded and student-run organization focusing on amplifying student voice on campus. 

GASC consists of three committees. Each committee has nine representatives (3 seniors, 2 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 2 freshmen) that are voted on by their peers in an election the prior academic year. The GASC advisor is the Dean of Students and School Culture.

Student Council Committees

List of 3 items.

  • Policy

    We are the “bridge” from the student body to the student council. We connect with the student body to hear their concerns and suggestions regarding student-facing policy updates and improvements, convert these concerns and suggestions to policy proposals, and meet with school administrators to advocate for changes. Our goal is to ensure that student voice is interwoven into all aspects of our school’s culture.
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  • Events

    We create opportunities for students to meet other students, listen to the students and make sure they feel heard, and plan events and activities for all grades to unite. We aim to create long-lasting traditions, and create a community that is inclusive of all of us. Our number one goal is to create school spirit!
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  • Community Outreach

    We aim to educate ourselves and others about helping those in need both inside and outside Geffen Academy. Through inclusive engagement, we strive to practice our core values through a collective pursuit of partnerships, in order to promote and establish a culture of generosity and thoughtfulness.
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