Our Mission

The Office of Academic Advising & College Guidance works with individual students to create unique academic program trajectories that allow students to pursue their interests while simultaneously preparing them for their post-secondary plans.

Our Team

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  • Dr. Mari Oropeza

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  • Hillary Higgins

    Associate Director of Academic Advising & College Guidance
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  • Mackenzie Stratton

    Associate Director of Academic Advising & College Guidance

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  • Nathaly Alverio

    Academic Advising & College Guidance Specialist
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Academic Advising

The Academic Advising program informs students and families about graduation requirements and course options, collaborates with students and educators for appropriate placements, advises students about four-year course trajectories, and prepares students for post-secondary plans. Academic Advisors meet individually with students to engage in important conversations, starting in early spring in preparation for the following academic year. Students and families receive information about offerings and meetings.

College Guidance

The College Guidance program at Geffen Academy assists all students to be prepared to apply to college. College counselors work with students starting in the eleventh grade, to teach them about terminology, timeline, application components, and college research. There are also numerous opportunities and programs during which college counselors work with families to provide information about post-secondary options, the application process, financial aid, and other important facets of college guidance.

Contact Us

To contact the Geffen Academy Academic Advising and College Guidance office directly, call 310.206.3622.