Meet a few of our current parents/guardians and learn why they chose Geffen Academy at UCLA for their children.  

Geffen Academy at UCLA partners with students' families through our Family Engagement Cooperative (“Co-op”), a dynamic and diverse group of all of our parents/guardians, who shape our school community. On this page, get to know a few of our parents:

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  • Robert Cooper

    Residential area: Valencia
    Child’s graduation year: 2023
    Child’s previous school: Steven’s Ranch Elementary School
    UCLA affiliation: Professor

    We were one of the pioneer families to join Geffen Academy in 2017-18. We were excited about the possibilities that Geffen Academy offered. We were looking for a diverse school setting that offered an academically rigorous program and provided every student what they needed to be successful. Geffen Academy has been a great fit for our family. Geffen Academy is staffed with a group of smart, caring Educators who are committed to making sure every student has a positive schooling experience. We are delighted to be part of the Geffen Academy family.
  • Mindy Han

    Residential area: 91302
    Children’s graduation years: 2025, 2027
    Children’s previous schools: Viewpoint School, Broadway Elementary School

    I love Geffen Academy because of its research-based programming, its Wellness-centric approach, its affiliation with UCLA, its responsive Educators, and its compassionate student body.
  • Wendy Klein

    Residential area: 90049
    Child’s graduation year: 2024
    Child’s previous school: Kenter Canyon Elementary School
    UCLA affiliation: Alumna

    We are so grateful that we are part of this amazing and wonderful school. My son is enriched and challenged every day by his Educators and the work that he does. This school works so well for those kids who are interested in digging deep about their passions and learnings. One of the things we love most is that competition is not really part of the Geffen Academy infrastructure. Every day we feel so blessed that we are part of the Geffen Academy community.
  • Jeannine Sehati

    Residential area: 90024
    Children’s graduation years: 2025, 2027
    Children’s previous school: Warner Avenue Elementary
    UCLA affiliation: Physician, UCLA Health Sciences Associate Professor

    We feel so fortunate to have both of our children as students at Geffen Academy. The commitment to providing opportunities and programs that allow middle and high schoolers to learn, mature, and excel in a compassionate environment has been more ideal than we ever could have imagined. Most of all, we appreciate that the Geffen Academy head of school and administration make decisions with intent and purpose and always prioritize the academic and personal growth of the students.
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