John Guzmán Aguilar

Spanish Educator
John Guzmán Aguilar teaches Middle School Spanish 3 and Upper School Spanish 1 and 3 in the Department of World Languages and Cultures.
Before coming to Geffen Academy, he worked as a teaching assistant and graduate researcher at UC Davis while working on his Ph.D. His research and teaching duties focused on border studies, migration studies and digital storytelling along the Mexico-U.S. borderlands. While at UC Davis, he also served as the webmaster and co-coordinator of the Humanizing Deportation project. In addition, John studied representations of gender, race and class in Mexican and Chicanx cultures. Before pursing his Ph.D., he earned his M.A. in Hispanic literature from the University of New Mexico and his B.A. in Spanish and Latin American politics from Occidental College. John lived in Mexico for more than a decade and has conducted extensive field work and research on the cultural and sociopolitical relations between Mexico and the U.S.