Jeremy Tan

M.S. - Physical Education (P.E.) Educator
Jeremy joins our P.E. department as both teacher and strength and conditioning coach. 
Jeremy most recently taught P.E. at Audubon Middle School. He has also has extensive research experience, having published a number of articles based on research he was involved in regarding athletic clothing, athletic footwear, and various exercise outcomes. Besides Jeremy’s extensive background in athletics and P.E., he also brings to Geffen Academy his training in ELDOA (Elongation Longitudinaux Avec Decoaption Osteo Articulaire, or Longitudinal Osteo-articular De-coaptation Stretching), which is a system of exercises, somewhat similar to yoga and begun in France thirty years ago, which is focused on posture and myofascial stretching. His degrees, including a bachelor and master of science in 2009 and 2012, are in kinesiology. Jeremy will teach several P.E. classes and also be heavily involved in supporting the athletic teams, designing training programs in partnership with La Keisha Fair, our Athletic Trainer.