Carol Hoffstedt

M.S. - Mathematics Educator
As an educational explorer, Carol Hoffstedt seeks to empower her students to be math-proficient and realize that math is even more beautiful than it is useful.
Since graduating from the University of Illinois, Carol has had the pleasure of puzzling through problems with thousands of students. Before joining us, she taught the entire secondary math curriculum from Algebra 1to AP Statistics and AP Calculus, at Lane Tech High School in Chicago, Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles (where she also served as the math department chair); and Wildwood School, also in Los Angeles. As a member of the UC Cadre of Experts, Carol helped strengthen and support the development of rigorous curriculum in California high schools. She participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program, traveling to Japan with other outstanding educators to learn about Japanese culture and education, implementing a self-designed plan to share her knowledge and experience with their students, colleagues, and community upon her return.