Ke'Yuanda Robertson

M.A. - English Educator
After earning her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California, Ke’Yuanda Robertson worked at ABC News’Primetime and 20/20.
Inspired by the stories she covered, she pursued a career in education to engage similar deeply moving experiences. More than a decade later, the heart of her pedagogical practice rests on the power of story. She uses narratives to elucidate the breadth of human experience and encourages students to boldly reflect on and tell their own. Clear about her call to facilitate thinking, she creates opportunities for students to read the world, question norms, challenge the status quo, and endeavor to take on the impossible.  She finds fulfillment through critical engagement; her interests center around the systemic roots of inequity and critically conscious teaching.Prior to Geffen, she taught English at The Buckley School and humanities at Westerly School and M.S. 326 in New York City. She holds a M.A. in the Social and Cultural Analysis of Education from California State University, Long Beach.