Vanessa Verdoodt

M.A. - Dance Educator
As Geffen Academy's founding dance teacher, Vanessa Verdoodt uses world dance and culture as a platform to engage mindful learning about diversity and multiculturalism in our global world.
Vanessa will assist the musical next year, having just wrapped her yoga unit and launching her African Contemporary Dance. Prior to teaching at the Geffen Academy, she taught at the Buckley School and at Bushwick Middle and High School. She holds an M.A. from NYU in Performance studies and a B.A. from UCLA in World Arts and Culture/Dance. In her senior year at UCLA, she helped organize the first cultural exchange summer program in Senegal. Since then, she has traveled to over a dozen countries to train in traditional dances while teaching and performing at the same time. She started her performing career as a breakdancer with Cirque du Soleil, went on to work in the commercial industry in Los Angeles, prior to touring worldwide with several dance companies on the East Coast.