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I-Track is a course of study spanning Middle and Upper School that uses technology and design thinking as a framework for developing the habits of mind of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders. Students will solve real-world problems using a variety of tools and the design thinking process, which asks students to understand the problem from a user-centered perspective, to explore solutions to the problem with rapid prototyping, and to materialize and iteratively refine solutions.

Through this process they will:
  • Be confident in their creative abilities to tackle challenging problems. 
  • Be brave and not afraid to fail, realizing that failure is a key component of innovation. 
  • Be empathetic and seek to understand the perspectives of people with different backgrounds, circumstances, when solving problems. 
  • Be persistent in learning how to learn new skills. 
  • Be motivated to make a difference in their communities. 
Through I-Track classes, Geffen Academy students will graduate with confident competency in the attributes of innovation: critical thinking, creative problem solving, selfdirected learning, forging empathy, solutions building and testing, self-reflection, iteration, embracing failure and powerful communication.

The Middle School I-Track curriculum emphasizes broad exposure to the design thinking process.  The goal of the middle school curriculum is for students to be confident and competent in applying design thinking, critical thinking, creative problem solving and selfdirected learning to real-world problems.