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The Geffen Academy Science Department aims to develop students who understand the impact of science in their lives, are highly knowledgeable and information-literate, and can creatively and efficiently solve global problems requiring scientific solutions. To achieve this, the Science Department will provide Geffen Academy students with:
  • An understanding of scientific concepts fostered by a true appreciation for the role of science and technology in their everyday lives.
  • A rigorous curriculum that 
    • embraces the interdependence of core disciplines of science (biology, chemistry, earth science and physics);
    • embodies technologies;
    • incorporates skills from other disciplines to maximize success.
  • Exposure to professional scientists and appreciation of historical trail blazers, including women and people of color in science.
  • A comprehensive preparation for success beyond Geffen Academy by instilling an ability to think critically and question scientific information as it relates to future careers and health decisions, as presented in all forms of media.
  • Intellectual self-confidence in scientific endeavors, whether working independently or in a team.
Scientists and engineers have always integrated scientific knowledge and engineering principles in their work, yet traditional instruction has emphasized lectures, note-taking, reading, and assessment that tested recall, offering little or no opportunity for in-depth study. In contrast, science education at the Geffen Academy focuses on applying scientific knowledge in order to answer questions and problem-solve, rather than solely to ingest content knowledge.
All students will study science yearly in Middle School. Students will spend grades 6-8 acquiring skills and knowledge to form the basis for success in high school classes. This will include, but is not limited to, graphing, measurement, math and grade appropriate scientific literacy in life science, earth science, conceptual physics and introductory chemistry. Students will also be able to plan and perform inquiry-based labs using the scientific method, and communicate their findings in a variety of ways, written and oral.

The Upper School science program follows a sequence embracing core scientific disciplines in the order of chemistry, biology and physics for grades 9, 10 and 11/12 respectively. By the end of their science study, all students will have completed a rigorous program at a level that will satisfy University of California’s ‘A-G’-requirements. Upon graduation, Geffen Academy students will be fully prepared to follow a scientific path at college should they so choose.


Middle School:
  • Science classes are required in grades 6-8.
Upper School:
  • Science classes are required for three years.