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Visual & Performing Arts

At Geffen Academy, we believe that students should construct knowledge more than receive it. Visual Arts, Theater and Dance embody the construction of knowledge through narratives contained in films, paintings, animations, sculptures, drawings, photography plays, choreographies, improvisations -- all of which mediate experiences while expressing both the inner and external worlds of a student.
Overall, the Visual Arts, Theater and Dance programs are designed for students to articulate their own ideas while they create content in 2D, 3D, 4D, dance, and theatrical mediums. Students will develop strong creative thinking, logical reasoning, and meta-cognition. They will commit to engage and persist through intense works with emphasis in craftsmanship and the mastering of different techniques. The Arts program encourages the exchange of ideas while developing students’ abilities to accept, evaluate, and distill criticism.
Consistent with the idea that Middle School is a period of discovery and exploration of identity in the life of an adolescent, Visual Arts, Theater, Dance and Music have joined together to create an introductory course with a rotation system in which students will be exposed to different areas of the arts each term.
During Upper School, students choose areas of concentration in the arts where they will work with determination, depth, and rigor. Here, students develop and refine their skills, and deepen their craft and commitment.


Middle School:
  • The Discovery Arts rotations in grades 6-8 are required.
Upper School:
  • Students are required to take an Arts class (Visual Arts, Theater, Dance or Music) of their choosing in grade 9.
  • One additional year of an Arts class (Visual Arts, Theater, Dance or Music) is required in grades 10-12.
Please note that dance courses fulfill either the Arts or Physical Education graduation requirements, but not both at the same time.