As a student of Geffen Academy, I will adhere to the principles of integrity and equal opportunity. I will not impede other students' or my ability to learn and thrive, both as a student and as a person.

Honor Code

The students at Geffen Academy created an honor code that would encapsulate the key values of Geffen Academy and be a code that students could refer to in order to analyze any kind of behavior. 
The development of this code is the first student-driven policy initiative at the school. The development of this code sets the stage for creating a truly democratic and just community.

The Honor Board

The Honor Board Purpose, Mission, and Vision

The purpose of the Geffen Academy Honor Board is to ensure a democratic and restorative process to address student behavior that is in violation of the Honor Code. The Honor Board’s mission is to provide a fair and equitable hearing process to address student behavior concerns and to suggest fair and equitable consequences or recommendations for restoring or repairing a situation.

The Honor Board’s vision is to create a school culture where students and educators see themselves as equally invested in the preservation of key elements of the Honor Code.

Honor Board Composition

  • Dean of Students
  • Two classroom educators
  • One permanent representative from each grade (6th, 7th, and 9th; 8th and 10th pending)
  • Two rotating "jury" members from the Upper School, randomly picked for each case presented
  • One advoate as indicated by the student in question, either another peer or educator