Geffen Academy's advisory program has been created to reinforce our mission and vision to create a school that is academically inspiring and humane. In advisory, students build close relationships with each other and their advisor. Advisory serves as a moment during the student's week to decompress, check- in, or dig deeper on a concept touched upon in Wellness or a current event that is affecting students and their families.

Advisories consist of 11-14 students and a classroom educator. They meet twice a week for 45 minutes. 

Advisory lessons include:

  • Executive functioning skill development (organization, short- and long-term planning)
  • Character and citizenship education (conflict resolution, anti-bullying behavior, upstander behavior, healthy decision-making, problem-solving, cyber ethics)
  • Wellness (physical, social, emotional, mental; self-care, nutrition, sleep, friendships, clear communication)
  • Social Emotional Learning (sleep, friendships, vocabulary development for emotional expression, clear communication, healthy habit formation) 
  • Social Justice and Multiculturalism (discussing current events in the news/politics/media; talking across difference, using common language on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, including race, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, sexual orientation, family structure, norms and traditions, pop culture, and more)