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The 21st-century musician is creative, flexible, and versatile, and these are the qualities that we foster in all of our students, regardless of the musical genres in which they choose to perform. All music courses present students with problem-solving opportunities and project-based learning rooted in the National Core Arts Standards. Geffen Academy musicians will be able to compose and perform music in a diverse array of musical genres. They will make connections between music and other academic disciplines through cross-curricular collaborations. Our musicians can apply their knowledge to create new music that is personal, draws upon historical practices, and that expands the bounds of creative possibility. 

Middle School:
  • The Discovery Arts rotations in grades 6 and 7 are required.

Upper School:
  • Students are required to take an Arts class (Visual Arts, Theater, Dance or Music) of their choosing in grade 9. In Music, ninth graders must take Exploratory Musicking.
  • One additional year of an Arts class (Visual Arts, Theater, Dance or Music) is required in grades 10-12.